ACH Handler
"Happiness has a habit of pursuing the person who feels grateful to his God, comfortable with his conscience, in favour with his friend In love with his labours and in balance with his bank."
--William Ward
  • Automated
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Multi-Bank
  • Multi-Processor
  • Automated Bills
  • Returns Control
  • Automated Collection All ACH collections are automated based on the parameters set for every specific client.
    Multiple Processors Modules can be multi-processor and multi-bank driven such that the source and target of the funds is customized for every operation.
    Statement Synchronization Due to the nature of ACH payments taking a few days to clear, our systems automatically monitor and assess the exposure of payments in transit.
    Exposure Limits Terminals can change to a different communication medium automatically if communication fails.
    Customization ACH modules require customization for each environment. Talk to us about how to make your payment collection and deposits a breeze...
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