Point of Sale
"...Not Just Points of Sale but Sales with Points!..."
  • Debit & Credit Cards
  • Prepaid Products
  • Bill Payment
  • Gift & Loyalty Cards
  • Wireless Devices
  • Flexible Communication
  • We have the most applications on a single device in the world. Our software can reside across the widest array of equipment manufacturers.
    Multiple Applications All our terminals cater for multiple applications and for increased profitability. Our applications Include Debit/Credit processing, Prepaid Products, Bill Payment, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, Age Verification, Check Conversion, Delivery Tracking and more.
    Hardware Flexibility Our software has been adapted for a variety of hardware manufactures (See our approved equipment list for further details). Our modules have also been configured on computerized tills and host to host connections.
    Communication Our terminals support a variety of communication mediums such as: Telephone  Wireless  GSM  X25  IP  GPRS  CDMA
    Failover Terminals can change to a different communication medium automatically if communication fails.
    Collection Our debtor systems not only include debtor collection tracking but also automatic ACHs from banks and statement reconciliations.
    Host Connection or Split Dialling Capability to split dial into various processors or alternatively connect through a centralized host.
    * USA/Canada Only