Escrow Payments
"...Pay for what you want,
Get what you paid for!..."
  • Value Added Benefits
  • Buyer Protection
  • Seller Protection
  • Custom Arrangement
  • Worldwide Settlement
  • Mutli-Currency
  • What is Escrow? Escrow is an arrangement in which an asset is deposited into safekeeping under the trust of a neutral third party (escrow agent) pending satisfaction of a contractual contingency or condition. Once the condition has been met, the escrow agent will deliver the asset to the party prescribed by the contract.
    What kind of Assets are used for Escrow? Cash, Real Property, Intellectual Property, Software, Source Code, Data, Design Drawings, Documentation, Domain Names, Acquisitions and General Handovers.
    Why do I need it? Reduce the risk of fraud or disappointment by using us a trusted broker that collects, holds and disburses the funds according to a buyer and seller agreement.
    Who Is It For? Buyers, Sellers or any recipients of Services from Suppliers.
    How Do Escrow Payments Work? Escrow arrangements have different rules. Generally, our company receives the buyer's payment and once the buyer is satisfied the funds are released to the seller.
    * USA/Canada Only