Bill Payment
"...Settle Monthly Bills at the  Point of Sale ..."
  • Value Added Benefits
  • Convenience
  • No need to travel
  • No postage costs
  • Wide Availability
  • Automatic Settlement
  • Pay Bills Anywhere Service Providers, Municipalities, or Banks can now enable their clients to settle their accounts virtually anywhere. There is no need for customers to post their payments or to travel to special payment depots. Payment is simply made at any point of sale.
    Pay For Any Service This commodity recharge system is versatile and suits any type of service or utilities such as electricity, water, gas, phone or any other subscription payments.
    Who Is It For? Providers of Service such as: Municipalities, Lending Companies, Magazine Publishers, Licensing Departments or Stores who provide credit facilities. Retailers or Businesses who wish to offer value added services at a point of sale.
    How Does It Work? Customer pays for the respective service and the request is then sent to our host. The host then electronically forwards the details to the service provider and the customer's account is updated accordingly. All monetary flows are then settled accordingly.
    * USA/Canada Only