Prepaid Solutions
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  • Prepaid Calling Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Prepaid Internet
  • Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Credit Cards
  • Prepaid Home Phone
  • Prepaid Electricity
  • ATM, Vending & Till interfaces
  • Comprehensive Solution The system has extensive flexibility and may be used for a variety of products or services such as Wireless Pins, Calling Cards, Prepaid Debit/Credit Cards, Utility Payments, Pay Per View -TV or Lottery numbers. Including all the features required for processing of electronic PINS, Swipe Activated Cards or Pinless Recharge.
    Voucher Problems From The Past Historically a service provider such as a phone company or a wireless provider would generate PIN numbers with a predetermined monetary value. Such PIN numbers would be printed onto cards and masked prior to being distributed to retailers. A customer purchasing the card would reveal the secret PIN number and hence be able to make use of the intended service. By inputting the PIN number into a phone (or any other compatible device) the service provider would credit the end user’s account with the predetermined value. Using the old method retailers were limited to purchasing batches and had to hold numerous voucher denominations in their inventory. The old method of physical card distribution created increased administration for retailers and in many cases resulted in theft and fraud.
    Communication A variety of APIs are available to third party developers and manufacturers. Such API’s give an ordinary ATM, Vending Machine, Kiosks, IVRs or Tills the ability to sell numerous prepaid products.
    API integration Terminals can change to a different communication medium automatically if communication fails.
    Best Features Our system has hundreds of features and by far surpasses our nearest rivals... call us to arrange a full demonstration.
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